SIS Prosegur Cash Services offers comprehensive ATM services through its widespread fleet network in 450 cities across 28 states and union territories.Apart from ATM replenishment, our other value added services for ATMs are: First Level Maintenance (FLM), cash balancing, audit and reconciliation. Our qualified maintenance and service personnel are available around the clock to attend to these services and are constantly supported by our control room with web based software to monitor calls and manage operations within agreed upon timelines. SIS Prosegur offers ATM cash processing, ATM cash balancing, ATM Vault Cash Services, ATM cash loading and ATM cash replenishment, ATM Services Provider.




Experienced and duly verified manpower


Surprise Checks

Special Audit Teams for surprise checks on ATMs


GPS Tracking

GPS tracking with online surveillance and recording



Use of portable cameras and specialised tamper proof bags with bar coded seals for traceability


Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance coverage for the entire cash management process

Service Range:

  • Loading of cash in ATMs with the denominations ordered.
  • Balancing actual cash in the machine at the time of loading with the printed receipt collected at the same time.
  • ATM FLM services 7 days a week – Real time FLM call status updates provided to clients through accessibility of SISCO’s web based portal.
  • ATM replenishment and reconciliation service.
  • Cash Processing under closed ciruit TV cameras (CCTV).
  • Vaulting at processing centres and vaults designed in accordance with international standards spread across India.
  • Various support centres at each branch to handle customer queries 24×7 and sharing of reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • National Operating Centre (NOC) for field support and ensuring a high level of security.


  • SIS Prosegur Cash Services also provides comprehensive and extensive vaulting facilities to its clients. We pick up cash from the currency chests and bring the cash to our vaults in secured cash vans, where we also provide cash sorting and processing.


  • CCTV surveillance and 24hrs monitoring & recording
  • Combination locks to ensure maximum security
  • Under 24 hours armed protection

Risk Mitigation:

  • Restricted access
  • Two security sytems with local and national monitoring
  • Fire Fighting Systems


  • Construction Features: Vaults made on the basis of international specifications, with separate loading bays to ensure all cash handling is done under camera surveillance
  • Fire control systems: Fireproof wiring systems and fire extinguishers
  • Electronic systems: Vibration sensors, surveillance systems, emergency sirens and intruder alarm systems