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Proprietary Information Systems

Our main commitment to clients is the safety of their goods and their timely transit and therefore, we at SIS Prosegur Cash Services identify individual needs and requirements to be met and provide customized regular updates to each client.

We have specialized systems for all product lines, which allow us to keep a step by step log of what is happening with our client’s valuables and provide them with the data they need.

Dedicated First Level Maintenance(FLM) Portal

  • We have a dedicated first level maintenance (FLM) portal which is used to create tickets, manpower assignment and closure of each ticket raised by our crew or clients
  • We have integrated our portal with that of our clients’ to facilitate logging of calls and therefore reducing the call and email volume between us to save time
  • We constantly review and optimize our FLM processes through automation and technology in order to provide the highest level of FLM services

Specialized Operations System

We keep track of our client’s valuables from the moment we start handling it.

  • Our specialized operational system allows us to keep a digital record of each service requested by our client and track its performance until conclusion thus improving our route control standards. It provides specialized modules for each step in the replenishment chain such as vaulting, indent upload, slip number entry and maintaining records etc.
  • We also record and summarize reasons in case a service request was not attended to or could not be performed in order to have a clear understanding with our clients
  • All operational processes are mapped in our system so that each action relating to cash and valuables including internal authority transfers can be registered electronically for record
  • It also enables our branch personnel to have complete control on the live status of each service being rendered and thus reduce the scope for data discrepancies and human error.

Smart Reconciliation Tool

  • Each service (replenishment/end of day) rendered to an ATM is followed by collection of critical data from it
  • Our smart reconciliation tool ensures high data consistency by introducing different types of checks and balances during the data entry process
  • This data is cross checked with physical slips from the ATMs to ensure that our clients receive the most accurate reports
  • We continually communicate and brainstorm with our clients for process improvements regarding reporting through technology like PAN-India consolidated reports and automated status reports
  • Our systems are hosted on secured internal servers with backup and audit logs to maintain the highest security standard for our client’s highly sensitive data.

Balances’ Database

We have an exclusive master database to maintain the balances of each ATM we service including keeping a record of all ATM loadings, counter balances and tracking discrepancies

  • It has the capability to account for movement of money (in real time) within the vault/treasury & money going outside the vault/treasury without opening the seal using the counting and balances module
  • It can be integrated directly with counting machines and handheld barcode scanners, enabling us to mitigate all risks by having a ready database

Employee Catalogue

We have a database exclusively allocated to maintaining the details of all our employees and cash vans in order to enable full transparency

  • It has the capability to record the details of all services performed as well as assure the timely maintenance and servicing of all our vehicles, thereby ensuring that our clients are served to the utmost potential