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Handheld Devices

The handheld devices are a common link between the officials managing operations from the branch and the crew performing the service on ground. The POS [Point-of-Service] terminal application works in sync with the POS server application.


  • Real-time updates: Our handheld system captures data in real time cash pickup transaction. The handheld device is seamlessly integrated with our operational system so that we can provide real time updates to our clients
  • Unique Access Key : Each device is secured by a unique access key which is only known to our crew lead (custodian) so that there is no possibility of unauthorized access to device and data
  • Acknowledgement Slip: Each pick-up or delivery is acknowledged by two physical slips printed from our handheld device one of which is handed to our clients as confirmation

Data Security

With awareness of data breaches at an all-time high, SIS Prosegur Cash Services’s Door Step Banking Solution implements policies and takes great care in ensuring the security of sensitive financial information including customer codes, sensitive pickup point information, bank account numbers and other high-value, confidential information are recorded in systems hosted on secured internal servers with multiple backups.