Cash Pickup & Delivery

Our Cash Pickup Delivery service offers a secure and safe pickup and delivery of bank notes, coins, smart cards and any other valuables. SIS Prosegur is the only company which provides sorting and packaging process with high levels of reliability by employing the latest technology in the industry. Our commitment to security is visible in our execution of our services. Tamper-proof bags with bar-coded seals are provided for tracing and monitoring of cash/valuables while the Cash vans are equipped with Vehicle Tracking system which is monitored and supported by our highly experienced and professionals crew and staff.

Our Services :

  Multipoint cash & coin collection/delivery.
  On call pick up/delivery.
  Cash processing.
  Instrumental pick up/delivery.
  Onsite/offsite cashiers.

SIS Prosegur Benefits :

  Servicing leading banks for  CPD services.
  Alternate route strategy for security purposes.
  Cash van fabrication as per International standards.
  Antecedent verified and experienced crew.
  GPS Tracking with online surveillance and recording.
  Tamper proof bags with bar coded seals for traceability.
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