Cash in Transit

With the largest cash-in-transit fleet in India, SIS Prosegur provides safe and secure transportation of bank notes, coins, smart cards, passports, documents and other valuables on behalf of the client from one location to another. The valuables are transported in armored or non-armored vehicles which are specially fabricated while Cash vans are installed with Vehicle Tracking System and are monitored and tracked by highly professional crew and the staff. SIS Prosegur has the experience of managing largest number of bank currency chest.

Our Services :

»  Transportation of cash & valuables intercity and intra city in fabricated cash vans by road.
»  Transportation by air.

SIS Prosegur Benefits :

»  Services across 29 states & UTs in 296 cities.
»  Fabrication as per International design and standards.
»  Antecedent verified and well trained crew.
»  GPS Tracking with online surveillance and recording.
»  Capability to provide vehicles on “on call”/“adhoc” basis.

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